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HealthSmart: Comprehensive and Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Expenditures in the United States on healthcare surpassed $2.3 trillion in 2008, more than three times the $714 billion spent in 1990 and over eight times the $253 billion spent in 1980. Obesity, smoking and stress are leading drivers of these costs. As of 2010, healthcare outlays comprised more than 17% of the gross domestic product, undermining our ability to be competitive as a nation and as business owners. By 2019, those shares are expected to reach nearly 20%.

Through an integrated approach, HealthSmart makes a positive impact on your bottom line by supporting and empowering members to attain optimal health. We work closely with our clients and business partners to achieve better treatment outcomes at the lowest possible cost. Our innovative strategies bring balance back to healthcare plans.

HealthSmart’s philosophy takes a 360° approach to managing healthcare. Our URAC-accredited care management portfolio serves the entire member population: those healthy individuals who need to stay that way, those at risk who need to improve their health, and those who need assistance managing chronic conditions.

We work closely with our highly-rated stop-loss partners to help manage risk and reduce your financial exposure. Our network solutions can save plan dollars through our own PPO networks, our nationwide network partnerships and effective out-of-network negotiations. Data analysis from care management will allow you to identify risks, measure results and plan for the future.

While discounts are important—and they certainly must be a part of any healthcare plan—they do little to manage the risks associated with poor health habits. We support and empower members to take charge of their own health and well-being. Our services, strategies and processes solve the corporate healthcare problems that keep you up at night.

Our healthcare divisions include the following and we invite you to explore the services and options available in each area.

We guarantee forward-thinking, high-quality products and services along with secure networks, credentialed providers, seamless administration and a dedication to making a positive, smarter impact on our customers and their members . . . for life!