We offer a complete COBRA Administration package. Services begin with the initial notification letter required for newly eligible employees through notices when qualifying events occur. COBRA is offered in conjunction with our claims management services or on a stand-alone basis.


  • COBRA Administration Services Include:

  • Initial notification of COBRA rights

  • Qualifying Event Letters

  • Enrollment Communications and Eligibility Confirmation Letter

  • Premium and Premium Change Letters

  • Underpayment and Late Premium Notices

  • Cancellation Letters

  • Issuance of Payment Coupons

  • Collection of Premium Payments

  • Payment Tracking

  • Data maintenance (eligibility, current and past elections, payment status, demographic data, maximum duration)

  • Toll-free number for Human Resources staff and toll-free number for participants

  • Monthly Reports (participant details, voucher/check reconciliation, letter summary, termination, and carrier eligibility)