If you're a member in the MyDecision program, everything has changed.

No more flying blind. HealthSmart gives you price and quality information that lets you compare the quality of different providers and the costs of procedures.

No deductibles, no co-pays. No out-of-pocket expenses for you - not one dime. If you choose from our list of qualified providers, the cost of your procedure is paid in full. 

Expert guidance. HealthSmart patient advocates help you through every step of your procedure. From choosing a high-value provider to dealing with paperwork, we make all the arrangements for you.

Just one invoice. Used to be you didn't know how much your procedure would cost until the bills came in. With MyDecision, you know in advance, and there's only one bill for doctor, facility, anesthesia, everything.

If you're an employer, the picture is equally bright. 

Deeply discounted prices. HealthSmart pre-negotiates low, all-inclusive prices with quality providers for a range of procedures. 

Across-the-board savings. MyDecision provides proven solutions to many longstanding problems, helping manage employees with chronic diseases, and controlling pharmacy costs. 

Insight into your healthcare spending. Now you can see - and control - where your money is going every year. 

Better outcomes, low expenditures. MyDecision has a strong track record of maintaining high levels of clinical quality while driving prices down in predictable and verifiable ways.


Get Better.

Whether you're an employee, employer, provider, or broker, you deserve better than the conventional healthcare.

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