Product and Services

HealthSmart Rx Solutions provides integrated pharmacy management, customized plans, and cost containment solutions to lessen the escalating cost associated with prescription drug spend. Our strategy is powered by one of the nation's largest prescription benefit managers, including partnerships with specialty drug providers, retail chain providers and a mail order pharmacy option. This ensures HealthSmart Rx Solutions can deliver market leading discounts and rebates that can reduce prescription drug spending by up to 20% compared to your current costs.


National Pharmacy Network

Providing easy access to a pharmacy is a top priority for us. HealthSmart Rx Solutions has a nationwide pharmacy network with over 69,000 participating pharmacies. Approximately 55% of our participating pharmacies are national chain pharmacies. Nearly 45% of our participating pharmacies are independent pharmacies.

Home Delivery

We deliver our members’ prescriptions to their door. With free standard delivery, access to mail service is easy—by phone, mail or web.

  • 25% average member savings over retail
  • Access to specialist pharmacists and clinicians focused exclusively on chronic and complex conditions
  • Adherence increased 11-19% over retail Up to $28 PMPY savings.

Retail 90 Partnerships with CVS and Walgreens

Great results in the management of chronic disease requires flexibility. Through our partnership with CVS and Walgreens we can offer our member members with chronic diseases a Retail 90 program for their pharmacy benefit. They can choose from two options: receiving a 90-day supply of maintenance medications through home delivery or directly at a CVS or Walgreens retail pharmacy.

Dedicated Client Services Personnel

HealthSmart Rx Solutions' customer service department comprises experienced pharmacy representatives available 24 hours/7 days a week to assist members with pharmacy coverage questions. We maintain a more than 98% customer satisfaction rating.