HealthSmart is pleased to announce the launch of our new web-based tool, SmartInquiry™, to streamline the submission, tracking and resolution of appeals. SmartInquiry™ offers our clients the ability to submit appeals online and track the progress through the system in real time. Dashboard views quickly show daily, weekly and monthly inquiries. From the user’s homepage, users are able to see the number of open/unassigned inquiries, appeals needing client feedback and pending/in-review inquiries. 

SmartInquiry™ launched on September 1, 2015. If you use Internet Explorer as your web browser, you will need to upgrade to Version 11 in order to use this tool. SmartInquiry™ supports all versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.  Before the end of the year your HealthSmart Account Executive will be reaching out to you to collect information specific to your internal teams, and will coordinate a date to conduct training. A user manual will be provided in advance.

Login to the SmartInquiry portal HERE