As part of our plan to reduce health care costs and increase productivity, HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics provides comprehensive onsite resources to help employees improve their health, reduce their risks and enhance their quality of life. HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics provides a comprehensive and cost-effective Disease Management program that delivers personalized programs, content and resources to help participating employees make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes. HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics also has Wellness Programs designed to help your employees better manage high blood pressure, cholesterol and stress along with smoking cessation and exercise and nutrition programs.

Onsite Physician

By implementing a HealthSmart Primary Care Clinic for your employees, you have a full time physician working face-to-face with your employees on managing their health. One result of an onsite physician is that pre-disease and disease states are detected and controlled before they evolve into serious health problems. An onsite clinic is a true proactive program that goes beyond predictive modeling. The physician can also identify those that are healthy but are at a high-risk for common diseases.

In addition, your onsite physician manages the use of referrals to specialists, understands brand versus generic medications, and encourages treatment compliance and educates your employees on healthy lifestyle changes.

Health Risk Assessments

HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics offer a fully integrated Health Risk Assessment (HRA). The comprehensive biometric health appraisal captures a range of information related to an individual’s health, including risk for a variety of lifestyle-related conditions.

After the HRA is complete, the results are given to the patient, along with a personal action plan that provides specific recommendations based on the member’s health profile, risk factors and readiness to change. A comprehensive quarterly report describes the activity of members in the program. Results can be viewed for an entire population or for specific segments identified by risk, demographics, usage or other criteria.

Results: Improved Health, Lower Overall Costs

HealthSmart produces meaningful changes in employees’ behavior and health, resulting in quantifiable reductions in key risk areas. Over time, you see a significant change in healthcare costs as a direct result of employee participation.