A New Approach to Stop Loss by HealthSmart & Point6

Defined by expertise. Driven by results. 

Stop loss solutions from HealthSmart and Point6Did you know that less than 1 percent of claims drive more than a third of medical and pharmacy spend each year? Your clients require a new and different approach to Stop Loss in today’s challenging and complex claim environment. That’s why HealthSmart has partnered with Point6 Healthcare, a specialty practice dedicated to impacting claims that drive medical and pharmacy spend by securing the best stop loss terms in the marketplace.

Our innovative approach to risk management integrates the expertise of HealthSmart and Point6, leveraging extensive experience in clinical consulting and cost reduction strategies. Our solutions enable you to transfer the risk of stop loss payment away from your organization and provide your clients with optimized stop loss pricing.

With HealthSmart & Point6 Stop Loss services, you can:

  • Spend less time managing your book, especially during peak periods 
  • Achieve limited or full removal of laser liability
  • Leverage the stop loss premium volume of Point6 to ensure best in market pricing and contract terms 
  • Take advantage of Point6’s extensive HealthSmart product knowledge and achieve maximum discounts for HealthSmart solutions
  • Access Point6’s unique Carrier and MGU mix to broaden your marketing efforts and ensure optimal terms 
  • Transfer the risk of stop loss placement away from your organization 

Unique Stop Loss services to give you a competitive advantage

  • HealthSmart partners with Point6 Healthcare for Stop Loss solutionsGain Stop Loss Purchasing Power
  • E&O Risk Reduction
  • Clincial Consulting & Risk Reduction
  • Leverage HealthSmart Knowledge
  • Alternative Market Access
  • Save Time & Resources