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Case Management

Advocacy and guidance through a complicated healthcare system

HealthSmart's Case Management solution is a collaborative process and advocacy program for both the member and the client. We provide a comprehensive approach to managing healthcare costs and care coordination based on diagnosis or medical need. Using evidence-based clinical guidelines and sound nursing judgment, we work with the member and their healthcare providers to achieve better health outcomes and optimal healthcare interventions.

Person smiling HealthSmart's Case Management easeOur team of Registered Nurses, all of whom are Certified Case Managers, address member needs, diagnosis and prognosis, care environment and available treatment alternatives. Registered master-level dietitians are available to address the nutritional components of a complex care plan. PharmDs provide therapeutic outcomes for individuals by advising safe and appropriate uses of prescribed medications. Case Managers work directly with members to get the best care and other community services they need, when they need them and for the best value.

Our solutions are designed to help the member and client.

  • Member advocacy to guide members and their caregivers through the healthcare continuum
  • Cost containment by ensuring appropriate treatment

HealthSmart's Case Management offers solutions to complex care coordination.

  • Long-Term Care Program
  • Nutrition Program
  • Polypharmacy Program
  • Oncology Care Management
  • Transplant Care Management
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Care Management

We all know improving member health and keeping members healthy is the key to lowering costs. HealthSmart's Case Management provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with members and providers to help clients stay ahead of the ever-rising costs of healthcare.