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Dialysis Management

Leveraging care management to slash the high cost of dialysis

Person getting blood drawn HealthSmart Dialysis Management ProgramEnd stage renal disease affects almost 650,000 people per year in the United States. With annual charges upwards of $800,000 per year, dialysis is among the costliest of medical treatments. To help lower costs while assuring the best care, HealthSmart’s proprietary Dialysis Management Program delivers results.

This program combines multiple aspects of care management working seamlessly to make sure members with dialysis needs are given the best care while drastically reducing costs to the plan. Members who need services are targeted by precertification or predictive modeling, then paired with a registered nurse to encourage compliance and help navigate what can be a very complicated system of care.

On average, HealthSmart’s Dialysis Management Program saves a staggering 79% of dialysis costs, including the fee of the program.

  • Proactively identify members with dialysis needs
  • Help members navigate their care with a case manager for guidance on treatment, facilities and medications
  • Ensure suitable treatment, care coordination and future risk mitigation
  • Control costs and manage member health

With HealthSmart Care Management and our proprietary Dialysis Management Program, take control of dialysis costs.