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HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics

On-site employer-sponsored clinics for primary care medical services, including chronic conditions

Doctor checking on patient HealthSmart Primary Care ClinicWhen employees need a primary care home, whether for isolated health episodes or chronic conditions, it can be disruptive for the member and the employer to take time away to visit a doctor. HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics provide on-site employer-sponsored healthcare centers staffed with medical personnel dedicated to your employees and their dependents. Employees have fast and easy access to affordable primary care services, convenient medical care, free common generic prescriptions, and disease prevention services.

  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Reduce medical costs
  • Improve access to care
  • Encourage healthier lifestyles with preventive care
  • Manage members with chronic conditions

More than just a clinic to treat every day health concerns, HealthSmart’s Primary Care Clinics incorporate tools and education to help members manage both chronic conditions and general overall health. With our wellness assessment program, members receive a personalized health report complete with a health improvement plan. Common generic prescriptions are provided at no cost to your employees, including maintenance medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

Whether members need an annual physical, have a sore throat or are managing hypertension, HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics provide the care and strategies they need for healthier lives.