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Mother and Child Program

Advocacy and education for a healthy mother and a healthy baby

Pregnant lady on the phone HealthSmart Mother and Child ProgramThe March of Dimes reports that 9.8% of U.S. births in 2017 were preterm. HealthSmart’s Care Management team has developed a program that has cut that number nearly in half for its participants. HealthSmart’s Mother and Child program takes an active approach to managing potential risks in pregnancies and assisting with the stresses and demands of mothers-to-be. High stress levels in pregnant women can lead to high risk situations including premature deliveries and serious health risks for both the mother and the child.

The Mother and Child program connects mothers with experienced prenatal nurses and registered master-level dietitians who can supplement education beyond obstetrician’s visits. Educational materials are provided to the mother to help guide her through the pregnancy. If the mother is identified as high-risk, our experts proactively coordinate interventions with the provider and specialty care, if needed. Mothers have access to registered nurses and master-level dietitians after delivery to continue to provide support after this life changing event.

  • Educational program that guides the mother through the experience
  • Access to experienced prenatal nurses during pregnancy and after delivery
  • Experts who take action before problems arise
  • Referrals to specialty care for mother and child if needed.

This is one of the most special and important times in a woman’s life. We help keep mothers healthy resulting in healthy, full-term babies while lowering costs for the client.