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Nurse Advice Line

Qualified medical advice, 24 hours a day

Nurse on the phone HealthSmart’s Nurse Advice 24 Hour LineWhen health issues arise, many concerns can be addressed just by asking a health professional. HealthSmart’s Nurse Advice Line gives members direct access to experienced, caring registered nurses over the phone. It’s a convenient and highly credible first point of contact for medical questions or concerns.

Our nurses answer questions, explain medical options and suggest resources. If further care is needed, nurses suggest and encourage members to seek and receive timely care in the most appropriate setting, providing clinical information to validate their suggestions with the member.

  • 24/7 access to qualified medical advice
  • Cuts costs by reducing unnecessary visits to their primary care physician, urgent care or ER

When members aren’t sure if a visit to their doctor is needed, HealthSmart's Nurse Advice Line provides the direction they need. Using standardized clinical protocols, nurses evaluate the situation and advise callers on their best course of action. It could be as simple as answering health questions or providing additional information, or nurses may recommend the appropriate level of care, which often results in self-care. They may recommend continuous monitoring, or a follow-up with their physician during office hours. In potential emergency situations, callers are advised to seek immediate care.

When members need qualified medical advice, it’s nice to know HealthSmart’s Nurse Advice Line is there to help.