HealthSmart SCM Webinar Recording

Avoid Financial Catastrophe With HealthSmart’s
Specialty Case Management

Recorded Thursday, August 6, 2020

Program Length: 60 minutes

HealthSmart’s Approach to Mitigating the Risk of Rare Diseases & Complex Cases

Rare diseases and complex conditions can be catastrophic to a self-funded health plan. HealthSmart’s Specialty Care Management program has an answer. With deep experience managing these complex conditions, we are coordinating treatments and delivering drugs at a much lower cost and improving the health of members.

Watch this recording of an informative webinar that addressed the challenges of the most complicated cases, and our innovative approaches to controlling treatment costs. In this session, you will learn:
  • How to leverage member data to find rare and complex members and manage their health across the spectrum.
  • Why a wide variety of innovative programs is necessary to drive member outcomes and achieve significant savings.
  • Why clinical software isn’t enough to manage complex conditions, and the importance of multidisciplinary teams and unique clinical review processes.
  • The value of integrated Care Management, Pharmacy Benefit Management and specialty drug resources to deliver incredible results.