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HSRx Pharmacy Benefit Management

Integrated pharmacy benefit management solution to improve health with more affordable prescriptions

An important part of any health plan is the pharmacy benefit for prescription medication. But more affordable access to prescriptions is only the beginning. HealthSmartRx Solutions’ Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) solution provides an independent, objective, and integrated approach to the design and delivery of pharmacy benefit plans. 

HealthSmartRx Solutions (HSRx) designs and administers solutions for prior authorization, drug utilization review and clinical advisory services that protect the member's health and our clients’ bottom lines. Leveraging our combined membership and powered by the one of the largest pharmacy benefit management organizations in the United States, HSRx Solutions provides independent clinical oversight to ensure appropriate specialty drug utilization. We also provide access to preferred retail chain networks to develop the most attractive and cost-effective pharmacy plans available.

HSRx-Sidebar2.jpgTo further contain costs, HSRx Solutions leverages integrated care management, competitive discounts and rebates, targeted therapy management programs for specialty drugs and retail network alliances. This can reduce prescription drug spending by up to 15%.

  • Contain costs with a generic drug substitution rate of more than 80% ― one of the highest in the industry
  • Empower members with 24-hour access to eligibility information, claims history and forms through a member portal
  • Educate members with access to experienced pharmacy technicians

Pharmacy costs are the highest trending cost component within the healthcare economic equation in healthcare, and they are getting higher, year-over year. Rising costs can mean economic hardships for members, and can have a devastating impact on a self-insured plan sponsor. HealthSmartRx Solutions helps members receive the care they need at the most affordable price available, while protecting the plan sponsor’s bottom line.

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