December 2022

Survey Results Are In: Clients Are More Satisfied and Loyal

12/5/2022 10:11:42 AM

Annual Satisfaction Survey Shows Clients
Are More Satisfied and Loyal Year-Over-Year

by Scott Geyer, Senior Vice President of Client Services

Every year, HealthSmart surveys our health plan clients about their satisfaction with the quality of service we deliver to them and to their members. Last year’s survey results were very strong. We have just tabulated the results for the 2022 plan year, and we are delighted to report that respondents indicated an even higher degree of satisfaction with the service we provide to them. Even more gratifying, their willingness to recommend HealthSmart jumped significantly!

The multi-question survey included eight client service questions asking respondents to score HealthSmart’s performance from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” Our results:
•    “My client service team is courteous and professional,” – 100% overall satisfaction 
•    “Overall, I am satisfied with my client service team,” -- 98% overall satisfaction 
•    “My client service team is knowledgeable of our account and understands our company’s needs,” -- 97% overall satisfaction 
•     “My client service team provides the necessary reporting to perform my responsibilities.” -- 97% overall satisfaction 
•    “Overall, I am satisfied with HealthSmart’s timeliness of claims processing,” – 93% overall satisfaction 
•    “Overall, I am satisfied with HealthSmart’s claims processing accuracy.” – 93% overall satisfaction 
•    “Overall, I am satisfied with how HealthSmart’s customer service representatives handle our member’s calls.” -- 91% overall satisfaction.

You read that first one correctly, every respondent to the survey reported they thought their client service team was courteous and professional – 100%! Overall we had no drop in satisfaction and two areas increased in satisfaction year over year.  

A key indicator we measure and follow closely is our Net Promoter Score (NPS). This score reflects the willingness of our clients to recommend us to others. The NPS is widely considered to be the ultimate metric for rating customer satisfaction. The score is based on a scale of -100 to +100. Scores below zero reflect an intention to complain to others about the service. Scores above zero range from good to great to excellent. In general terms, NPS scores above 70 are considered excellent. 

I am proud and excited to report that HealthSmart’s clients awarded us a NPS of 80, up from last year’s NPS of 71! Once again, that puts us in the top 1% of health plans, according to a national ratings agency. 

 Factors that impact the NPS include:
•    Customer service – the extent to which a company’s support is available to assist their end consumers
•    Utility and performance of the product – the extent to which a company’s products meet its customers’ expectations and demands
•    A collective experience – the level of connectivity experienced by customers while they interact with the company
•    Security –customers sense of confidence knowing that their data is safe and there is no risk of a breach
•    Brand reputation – how a product is perceived in the market, the level of service and the loyalty of its fan base.

We know how great our team members are. Based on these survey results, we’re glad that our clients know that, too. The results of our 2022 client survey combined with our phenomenal Net Promoter Score, is a big thumbs up to our colleagues. These outstanding survey results are especially meaningful since they reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellent customer service, even in the face of the continuing pandemic. The results have strengthened our  commitment to our clients to bring them personalized, innovative solutions to help reduce their health benefit costs while treating them with respect and dignity. 

Our promise to our clients and broker partners is a continued focus on providing top-of-the-industry service.  Thank you for your business and your loyalty. It truly means the world to our entire team.

About the author

Scott Geyer was named Senior Vice President of Client Services for HealthSmart in 2019, with overall responsibility for HealthSmart client relationships.
Scott’s entire career has been focused on client service, beginning in 1997 with Wells Fargo Insurance Services as a customer account manager, claims supervisor and account executive. He had 15 years of service with Wells Fargo when it was acquired by HealthSmart in 2012. He continued his role with HealthSmart as account executive, soon being promoted to senior account executive, Vice President of Client Services, and most recently, Senior Vice President of Client Services. In all, Scott has been serving our customers for more than 23 years. 

Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from the University of Charleston.