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SmartPlan™ by HealthSmart - Quality healthcare coverage for students and faculty

Each year, thousands of students head off to college. They look to your institution to help them find their way through their higher education experience. When you add healthcare to the mix, suddenly things get complicated. Are you able to offer quality coverage to your students — and faculty — that is in line with your budget?

student-(1).jpgWith SmartPlan™, HealthSmart’s turnkey health administration programs, universities and colleges can improve the overall health of their students and faculty while reducing healthcare program costs.

SmartPlan delivers:

  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses and premiums
  • A variety of comprehensive benefits plans, including Accident & Sickness, International Student Plans, Accident Only, Study Abroad, Intercollegiate Sports, Blood Borne Pathogens and more
  • Care management programs and comprehensive provider networks that bring a holistic support system to students and faculty
  • More comprehensive coverage when combined with school-sponsored student health centers and telehealth services
  • Focus on member advocacy that is tailored to the needs of the institution and its students
  • Intelligent fraud, waste and abuse solutions that demonstrate plan savings of more than five percent over other solutions
  • HealthSmart’s depth of experience in developing programs for universities and colleges that results in a more efficient, economical and stress-free experience for the student and university administration

HealthSmart has been working with institutions of higher learning for more than 25 years. We’re experts at developing programs and resources tailor-made for colleges and universities that reduce healthcare costs while focusing on the well-being of students and staff.